a new beginning!

OK here goes!  I am going to give blogging another try.  I want to actually blog, to have a place to vent if I need to, to share events happening in my life, to have a record of all the ups and downs of my life. 

Why not start an actual blog post right now?  No better time than now!

Well for starters, I miss my husband!  I really wish that we could at least live in the same state.  I cannot wait until he gets his green card and can start working anywhere.  But for now, he has to stay in Madison and teach while working on his dissertation.  He recently just told me that he should be done with the writing part of the dissertation, hopefully, sometime next spring.  So proud of him!  Writing is not a strength of mine so I think it is so awesome that he can write a dissertation which is pretty much a book!  

Everything is the same on my side here.  Still working my 40 hours at a healthcare insurance.  Still working nights.  Still working every weekend.  Still working 5 holidays.  It just sucks that I am working Christmas eve AND Christmas Day.  But what are you going to do right?  I will just have to make it work.  

Ok, enough random rambling right now.  



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