mini shopping trip..success!

so my birthday is coming up and of course, I needed a new dress to celebrate in!  I will actually be celebrating my birthday twice this year.. because that is how I roll :p  I’m celebrating my bday with my husband on my actual bday weekend and then going out with friends on the weekend after.  I am really excited to spend it with the husband because we booked a hotel downtown minneapolis and staying there for the night.  Should be fun!

but anywhoooo I’m getting off topic on what I wanted to write about lol ..surprise!
But yeah, so a friend and I went to the Mall of America today and it was a success! I found a cute dress and it definitely screams BIRTHDAY GIRL! lol. Best of all, I got it at Nordstrom Rack so it was on clearance. It was normally $200 and I got it for $29. I mean, cmon now. I HAD to get it. It’s from some brand I’ve never heard of lol but all I know is it that it’s cute so go me!

I also bought a few items from Forever 21 as everything there is so cheap and you can definitely find some cute things there. Found a new fall purse, a cute necklace, and a cute animal print scarf.


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