what’s in my purse

For some odd reason, I love watching “What’s in my purse” videos in YouTube.. probably the same reason why I love watching stupid trashy reality tv shows.  Creeper.  LOL!  So I recently just got a new bag and I thought that instead of writing a blog post of what’s in my purse, I would do a video instead just for fun 🙂  And since WordPress wouldn’t let me upload the damn video right into this post, I uploaded it on dropbox.

Enjoy watching fellow creepers and please do let me know if you have a post or a video of what’s in your purse.  As I said in the beginning, I love watching those 🙂

p.s. do not make fun of my thick Minnesotan accent.

what’s in my purse


4 thoughts on “what’s in my purse

  1. I did watch the full video “facepalm”.Your accent is stunning lol and that wedding ring is awesome on your finger.You’re the best Susel!

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