butter london ♥

so ULTA had an amazing deal sometime last week on Butter London nail polishes.. Buy one get one free.  These babies are usually $14 each so I never bought them before but I just had to take advantage of the deal.  So I went to my local ULTA last week and picked up 4 of them.

so I picked up :
Trout Pout, which is this cantaloupe-y color that is perfect for spring /summer
Big Smoke, which is this beautiful darkish blue color that I thought would be perfect for fall/winter
Knees up, which is this gorgeous red with some shimmer in there and I could see myself wearing it for the holidays
Knackered, which I had to get because it is this beautiful lilac color with a lot of shimmer in it.  Well, it really depends on which light because it can look greenish too in certain lights.

Today, I am wearing “Big Smoke” and I splattered some glitter on top of it
lol.. excuse the mess

Last week, I was using “Trout Pout”.. again, excuse the mess

Best part about these polishes are that they are cruelty- free.  No testing on animals 🙂
I do like these polishes but I don’t think I could ever pay full price for them.  But next time ULTA or anywhere else, has a BOGO free sale, you bet I will be picking some more up.

What about you guys?  Were you able to take advantage of the sale??


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