ootd 09/18, etc..

It is finally cool enough to wear boots!  So I took advantage of the cooler weather yesterday to wear my boots and new scarf.  Love the pop of color and animal print with my other wise neutral outfit :p  and yes, I took some mirror shots, #dontjudge :p

And as cute as my boots were, a coworker came in and gave me these cute hello kitty shoes! and yes, I am actually 27 years old but look how cute these are! She got them at the clearance section at Target.. the little girls’ section. Yay for having small feet :p

Cute, right? :p It was an early birthday gift from my coworker.. too sweet ❤

Speaking of early birthday gifts..

I got home and this package was waiting for me today… isn’t my husband the sweetest??

anyway, have to go back and finish watching “Revenge” now.. last episode of the first season so I am now almost all caught up!

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