birthday weekend recap <3

I am officially a year older.. 28 years old.. 2 more years until I hit the big 3-0.  Eeep! :p
I had a great birthday weekend with my husband and it was great just being with him for my birthday.

Saturday was a pretty busy day/night for us.  We started by meeting with one of his friends to talk about the green card situation.  She is french as well and got her green card   through marriage.  It was great meeting her and having her kind of guide us through the process and made sure that we had our paperwork filled out correctly.  She also told us that Denis can also apply for a work permit before getting his green card.  This makes us super excited because it means he might actually be able to move in with me by the end of this semester!!!  I really hope that’s going to happen!

We met with Anne at a coffee shop in Minneapolis called Peace Coffee and I had never been there before.  It was a cute little place and they made my cappuccino cute 🙂

and they had cute little monsters on the wall 🙂

then we just walked around Uptown Minneapolis and enjoyed the nice weather .. and took some mirror shots ha :):):)

We also stayed at the Marriott downtown and it was nice to be just alone with my husband and spend the night together. We went to Solera for dinner and then we also went to the Marvel Bar and met up with a good friend. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD was enjoyed 🙂

grilled artichoke
scallops with squash, tomatoes, YUM!
the husband had pork loin
and we had this black tea plum cake for dessert.. super good!!!

We then made our way to the Marvel Bar and met up with our really good friend, KB. Sorry for the blurry pictures.. I guess that’s what happens when you ask a possibly drunk person to take your picture.

and I apparently like to take pictures of myself via mirror shots when I’m tipsy bwahah. I thought I would make the pictures less boring by adding some kawaii stickers :p

Overall, it was a great night… until the end of the night but let’s not get into that!

The next day, we went back Uptown and had lunch at Amazing Thailand. More food! and macarons for dessert! yum!

And right before driving him to the bus station, we stopped by the Apple store and took some awesome pictures. We are super attractive people, I know.

then it was time for him to go back to Madison… grrr… I cannot wait until he moves here already!!!
Miss the husband already 😦

But anywhooo… how was YOUR weekend??


One thought on “birthday weekend recap <3

  1. Well, it sounds like even though you guys are apart…when you’re together you’re having a fabulous time 😉
    Hope all your paperwork goes through quickly and you guys can be together all the time soon 😉

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