we can all use a little cuteness :)

I’ve only had Teddy aka Gummie Bear for a couple of days but of course, I already have A LOT of pictures of him. And videos. Lol! The more pictures of him people see, the sooner he can find his forever home!

He is such a little lover and a really good dog. He listens when you call him and I have not seen one ounce of aggression whatsoever. He played tug of war with me the first day but for some reason hasn’t played since. He’s more interested in chewing on the little bones I’ve given him 🙂

When I first picked him up, the rescue said that he might be standoffish with my husband or any males but he instantly bonded with my husband. He loves loves him! Kept jumping on his lap to cuddle 🙂

Ok enough rambling… Here’s some pictures of the cutie pie!!!


Oh and ps… He snores! He is snoring right next to me as I type this lol:p


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