Matt & Nat love <3

So I have been on a hunt for a new wallet and a new purse/bag for a little while now. I do not want to buy any more leather accessories so it’s a little harder than usual to find good quality cruelty free/vegan bags or wallets.  I did buy this cute plum colored bag from Forever 21 but you get what you paid for CHEAP CHEAP MATERIAL. So the search goes on.

For a little while now, I have been LUSTING after the Stella McCartney Falabella tote because it’s not leather and I love how she doesn’t use any leather or fur on any of her items.  Only problem: PRICE… as in over $1,000 problem. And this girl does not have $1k to spend on a bag at this time.  Or probably ever.

Then I remembered MATT & NAT.  They are a cruelty free brand from Canada and definitely WAY WAAAAY WAAAAY more affordable than Miss McCartney.
I do have a wallet from Matt & Nat *pictured* and I love it. It’s amazingly made and it still looks brand new even though I bought it almost a year ago.  The only thing about it is that it’s bigger than I thought it would be but I still love it.

So I am now super happy that I found a couple of bags that I like and want and it doesn’t cost over $1k.  Some are even on sale and is under $100.  WIN WIN!

I think I will get the “Lennox Bag” which is the black tote but as you can see, there are other ones that are catching my eye 🙂

Which one is your favorite??


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