Oh Frenchie..

Oh Frenchie..

even though I smile big enough for the both of us, sometimes it’s nice to have a picture with both of us smiling. Thank God for friends who are patient enough to just keep snapping pictures until a semi decent one came out :p

my favorite one is actually this goofy looking one :p




Monday was my husband’s 30th birthday. We celebrated his birthday the Saturday before at his surprise birthday party! It was a huge success and he had NO idea that I had been planning this party for him. It was a fantastic night filled with friends we haven’t seen in years and family.

He loves pandas so of course I knew that I had to incorporate that into the party somehow. What else could be cuter than a panda birthday cake?? A coworker of mine makes cakes as a hobby and she was able to replicate a panda cake that I found on pinterest. My husband LOVED it!

But you know what they say.. a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pics from the party! Wish I could throw him another surprise party..

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I was only supposed to foster this cutie over a weekend but he ended up staying for 2 weeks with us and I am so glad!

This is Pickles, an 11 year old papillon, recently rescued from a puppy mill.  Almost all his teeth were extracted due to poor care so his cute tongue is always hanging out.

Today, I dropped him off to a new foster home.  I wish you luck Pickles!!!  I miss you already!