Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great and safe halloween night!  I for one, am working! yay.  But it could be worse!  Tonight at work is actually going by pretty fast and for that, I am very grateful.  And there are also an over abundance of treats and food and treats and chocolate and cake here.  I had a bite of baklava and this little pumpkin cookie (which was divine) but other than that, I have been good!  🙂

We did dress up the furbabies for a minute this afternoon for a photo op though.  They looked so cute in their costumes even if they didn’t think so.  I love when I texted my brother the pictures, his reply was “Why?”.  Blah!  Stop hating lil bro!

Have a fabulous night everyone!photo 4 photo 5 photo photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


Twin Cities Monster Dash 5k 2013!

Yesterday was the Monster Dash 5k here in the Twin Cities.  I ran with some friends and it was an awesome time!  Except for a few bumps in the road like losing my husband in the crowd of 16,000 people but *spoiler alert* we found him! 🙂

So the 5k race started at 9am in St. Paul by the Science Museum.  And as I mentioned before, there were A LOT of people.  Granted, not everyone there was running the 5k as there was also a 10 mile race and a half marathon.  I think next year I will run the 10 miles.  At this point, I feel like I can do a 5k no problem.  If you asked me a year ago if I thought I could run more than 5 minutes without stopping, I would have laughed and said no.  It’s amazing what your body can do!

We actually ran more than the 5k as my group and I started late and ran from the very back of the line lol.  And can I just say, the run just goes by so fast when I’m using my Zombies, Run app.  I love this app!  It alternates between missions and zombies sightings/chases to your own music.  So the half hour of running felt like 5 minutes.  🙂  And it helped that everyone around me was dressed up in their Halloween costumes so it was great to people watch while running at the same time.  As for me, I dressed up as Hello Kitty of course! 🙂

Pictures from the race:




Le sigh.  My parent’s dog, Toby aka Tobyroonie, weiner dog extraordinaire, was officially diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease today.  After spending a lot of $$$ on xrays, ultrasounds, blood work, tests, we finally have a conclusion.  It sucks.  It’s not something that can be cured only managed.  This means that he would need to be on a very expensive medication his entire life or the disease will just progress.  Without treatment, he could potentially keep losing weight, his coat will get worse, his belly will stay distended.  So I don’t think not treating it is really an option.

 The good news is that I’ve found that purchasing the medication online might be cheaper than buying it from the vet.  I want to run that by the vet first and make sure that I am purchasing from a reputable website.  And also,  one of the rescue groups that I volunteer for said that they have medication that was donated to them and they would just give it to me.  I thought this was very sweet and generous for them to offer!  

Please keep Toby in your prayers and in your thoughts.  I just want him to get better 😦


Twin Cities Restaurant Week

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is Restaurant Week here in the Twin Cities.  Cheap prices for some damn good food!  My husband and I have gone to two different restaurants so far and we are so glad we have because even though these are restaurants that we have gone to before, we were able to try new things on their menu for a cheaper price.. but I would have gladly paid full price because I have been so impressed with both meals!

First, we went to Masu yesterday for lunch at the Mall of America location.  Their lunch special was Tofu Yakisoba (score for this pescetarian!) and fried ice cream.  O-M-G! It was literally one of the best meals I have ever had.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s a meal that I have never ordered there before or what but I wanted to cry at the end of the meal because it was over! Ok not literally but you get what I’m saying.  The Yakisoba was already great enough but the fried ice cream at the end just finished the meal perfectly!  Ahhh.. makes me so hungry just thinking about it.  If you are from the Twin Cities, definitely give this restaurant a try!


The next restaurant that we went to was Barbette .  We went there today for lunch.  This is a very nice French restaurant located in Uptown Mpls.  YUM YUM YUM!
My husband had their boeuf bourguignon and I had their butternut squash and caramelized onion galette.  And for dessert, we both got a small slice of pumpkin pie.  Oh, and did I mention that this amazing meal was only $10 per person!?  We are definitely fans of this place!


So if you live in the Twin Cities, check out if your favorite restaurants are having specials for Restaurant Week!

bad blogger!

I am a bad bad blogger! It has been forever since I have posted anything!  

So maybe a quick update is due then?

  • My parents are currently residing in Boston, MA for a job contract.  Contract ends Jan 29 so unless it  gets extended, they are coming back to MN! 🙂 
  • My parents’ dog, Toby, weiner dog, is currently staying with us.  He has been having health problems and might have cushing disease.  The last test to verify this is this coming Wednesday.  Meanwhile, we have spent over $1,000 on xrays, ultrasounds, blood tests already.  Please keep him in your thoughts.
  • I love having my husband finally in the same residence as I.. hell, the same state as I! I think the dogs loves it too ❤
  • I have the Monster Dash 5k this coming weekend where I will be dressed as Hello Kitty.  I am really hoping that I can make it without my lungs exploding as it is already super cold here in MN.  There has been snow flurries appearing out of the sky already.. no joke.  
  • I joined ToneItUp to get myself motivated to get in better physical shape.  And I love it!  They have taught me how to eat better and motivated me to work out more.  I do believe that I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life.  Not to say that that I am done.. so far from that but getting toned one body part at a time 🙂  Follow my ToneitUP instagram if you’d like: susel_tiu
  • I got an iphone 5s ❤

yeah so those are some random updates.  Hopefully I can keep blogging from now on!