bad blogger!

I am a bad bad blogger! It has been forever since I have posted anything!  

So maybe a quick update is due then?

  • My parents are currently residing in Boston, MA for a job contract.  Contract ends Jan 29 so unless it  gets extended, they are coming back to MN! 🙂 
  • My parents’ dog, Toby, weiner dog, is currently staying with us.  He has been having health problems and might have cushing disease.  The last test to verify this is this coming Wednesday.  Meanwhile, we have spent over $1,000 on xrays, ultrasounds, blood tests already.  Please keep him in your thoughts.
  • I love having my husband finally in the same residence as I.. hell, the same state as I! I think the dogs loves it too ❤
  • I have the Monster Dash 5k this coming weekend where I will be dressed as Hello Kitty.  I am really hoping that I can make it without my lungs exploding as it is already super cold here in MN.  There has been snow flurries appearing out of the sky already.. no joke.  
  • I joined ToneItUp to get myself motivated to get in better physical shape.  And I love it!  They have taught me how to eat better and motivated me to work out more.  I do believe that I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life.  Not to say that that I am done.. so far from that but getting toned one body part at a time 🙂  Follow my ToneitUP instagram if you’d like: susel_tiu
  • I got an iphone 5s ❤

yeah so those are some random updates.  Hopefully I can keep blogging from now on!


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