Le sigh.  My parent’s dog, Toby aka Tobyroonie, weiner dog extraordinaire, was officially diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease today.  After spending a lot of $$$ on xrays, ultrasounds, blood work, tests, we finally have a conclusion.  It sucks.  It’s not something that can be cured only managed.  This means that he would need to be on a very expensive medication his entire life or the disease will just progress.  Without treatment, he could potentially keep losing weight, his coat will get worse, his belly will stay distended.  So I don’t think not treating it is really an option.

 The good news is that I’ve found that purchasing the medication online might be cheaper than buying it from the vet.  I want to run that by the vet first and make sure that I am purchasing from a reputable website.  And also,  one of the rescue groups that I volunteer for said that they have medication that was donated to them and they would just give it to me.  I thought this was very sweet and generous for them to offer!  

Please keep Toby in your prayers and in your thoughts.  I just want him to get better 😦



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