Where did November go?

Seriously, November just flew by!  I can’t believe that it’s almost December.  But I can’t wait until Christmas anyway because my parents will be here!!!  They thought they wouldn’t be able to come home for Christmas but it turns out that they will be able to so this makes me super happy.  And it’s Christmas!  But before Christmas, there’s Thanksgiving (duh) and this will be our first Tgiving without our parents.  So Denis and I will be having Tgiving dinner here at our house and my 3 younger brothers will be coming over.  It will still be great but wish my parents could be here.

Let’s see.. what else is new..
I recently purchased the Macbook Air and I am loving it!  My husband was upgrading his MacBook so I thought it was time for me to upgrade too :p  It’s so light and fast!  Granted, I don’t do anything on it except watching movies/shows, emails, chat, twitter, normal things so nothing extravagant.  

Toby is doing well.  He has his 30 day checkup coming up to see if the medication is working.  He seems to be better physically.  He’s not losing any more weight and his coat is not looking any worse.  I also feel like he has more bounce to his steps.  He is still eating like we starve him but maybe the medication will treat that as well.  We will see.  The vet was really happy that we chose to treat him with the medication and I just thought “Was there any other choice?”  Our fur babies are family and we treat them as such. 

The other two fur babies, Diamond and Bella, are doing well.  Sleeping and eating like usual ❤

I will end this entry with my recent pictures from Instagram 🙂



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