about me

My name is Susel  “sue-zelle”.   And I am the biggest animal lover you will ever meet :p

Age: 29 .. but acts 12.

Birthday: September 23

Occupation: I work for a managed health care company.

From: MinneSNOWta

Family: Husband [married 2012, been together since 2005!]  Mama and Papa ( married 27 years!), 3 younger brothers [Paolo 26, Philip 25, Patrick 21],  Diamond { my furbaby soul mate, chihuahua 14 years old},  Bella { love of my life, chihuahua, 6 years old} , Bun Bun { cutest bunny ever}, Toby { ♥ doxie }, and last but not least, my fish pet from work, Mr Bubbles.

My Blog: My blog is about life, my thoughts, my dogs, my family,  geeky things ♥

I am: happy, bubbly, loud, in love ♥

Loves: anything pink, starbucks, fostering, weekends off, thunderstorms (as long as husband is with me), cuddling with the doggies, singing, taking baths, LUSH, feeding Mr. Bubbles, shopping, Paris, candles, traveling, cruelty-free products, YouTube, my iPhone, eating, and naps :p

♥ Susel



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