I was only supposed to foster this cutie over a weekend but he ended up staying for 2 weeks with us and I am so glad!

This is Pickles, an 11 year old papillon, recently rescued from a puppy mill.  Almost all his teeth were extracted due to poor care so his cute tongue is always hanging out.

Today, I dropped him off to a new foster home.  I wish you luck Pickles!!!  I miss you already!



D.O.G.S. benefit!

Last Wednesday, the organization that I am a part of, Dogs of A Good Society, had our very first private benefit.  It was a small benefit with close friends and family members to get our feet wet and to celebrate being an incorporated organization.  The support that we received from our friends and family surpassed my expectation.  I am so happy that so many people believe in us and in our mission to help animals in need.  What an awesome feeling knowing that people support us!

We had our benefit at YUM! bakery in Minneapolis and we couldn’t have found a better place for our first public event.  It was small and intimate just like we wanted and the staff were so helpful and so nice.  It seemed like they were all animal lovers as well!  And the food… YUM is right!  We had 2 different types of cakes and caramel bars, chocolate bars, etc.  So so good!  I can’t wait to go back and try more of their food.

I can’t wait till the board members meet again and start talking about next steps we should be taking with this organization.  I am so happy to be part of a group that sincerely cares about animal welfare and rights like I do!

If you would like to support D.O.G.S , even if it’s just 50 cents, there is a donation button on the right side of my blog 🙂

And here are some pictures I took from the event 🙂

some of our guests enjoying the sweets!

photo 1 copy

right before the event!  yummy treats!

photo 1

love the support!

photo 2 copy

oh but of course I need to take a picture of the outfit ha!  Forever 21 dress and blazer, black tights, booties.  And the right pictures is our inspiration table at the event; pictures of our pets and our inspiration on why we are doing what we are doing

photo 4

closer look of our inspiration table.  my dogs are on the front :p

photo 3

my husband was there to support us on our first benefit!

photo 3 copy

umm yummy cupcakes! cannot wait to go back and eat some more 🙂

photo 5

Board members of D.O.G.S!

photo copy

Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!
Have a fabulous weekend!


Dogs of A Good Society

I am part of a brand new organization whose mission is to assist animals in need.  More specifically, we want to help local rescue groups here in the Twin Cities rescue more animals  by offering help, resources, etc.  We are going to have our first benefit tomorrow and I cannot be more excited.  It’s a private event with close friends and family just to get our feet wet and celebrate the fact that we are incorporated.  Of course, we are working on also getting non-profit status.

More information can be found on our blog: Dogs of A Good Society
We are also working on our website and I will post that once it is up and running.
I am so excited to be part of new group whose mission is to help animals!

If you would like to support our organization, I have posted a donate button in my blog.  If you can donate 50 cents, a dollar, anything, we would greatly appreciate it!

life lately via instagram

1.) recent Lush purchases… I will be returning the Curly Wurly shampoo.. just not for me.
2.) Bella is such a goofball! And Diamond being her usual regal self.
3.) a picture of the husband and I from my birthday ❤
4.) I love Target clearance!

1.) my love, Diamond.
2.) my current foster, Teddy aka Gummie Bear, being super cute.
3.) cute wedding picture ❤
4.) my new cute scentsy warmer .. I am currently having a book party for Scentsy so if you are interested in purchasing anything, you can do so at this link.

1.) Teddy attacking his bone.
2.) Who needs Starbucks when I have Hello Kitty and my keurig? 🙂
3.) Washington DC
4.) Did someone say treat??

we can all use a little cuteness :)

I’ve only had Teddy aka Gummie Bear for a couple of days but of course, I already have A LOT of pictures of him. And videos. Lol! The more pictures of him people see, the sooner he can find his forever home!

He is such a little lover and a really good dog. He listens when you call him and I have not seen one ounce of aggression whatsoever. He played tug of war with me the first day but for some reason hasn’t played since. He’s more interested in chewing on the little bones I’ve given him 🙂

When I first picked him up, the rescue said that he might be standoffish with my husband or any males but he instantly bonded with my husband. He loves loves him! Kept jumping on his lap to cuddle 🙂

Ok enough rambling… Here’s some pictures of the cutie pie!!!


Oh and ps… He snores! He is snoring right next to me as I type this lol:p