1 ♥ I am 100% filipino.

2 ♥ I was born in Quezon City in the Philippines.

3 ♥ I married my love on 08-18-2012.

4 ♥ I am a HUGE animal freak.  HUGE.

5 ♥ I am obsessed with my two chihuahuas (Diamond and Belle)  and bunny (Bun Bun).  And my parents’ doxie (Toby).  oh and my pet fish from work (Mr. Bubbles).

6 ♥ I am a licensed social worker.

7 ♥ I love shopping.. too much.

8 ♥ I am a HUGE geek.

9 ♥ I really don’t like talking on the phone.. so tweet or text me and you will get a faster response.

10 ♥ I currently live in the Midwest.

11 ♥ My birthday is September 23.

12 ♥ I enjoy eating.. a lot lot lot!!!

13 ♥ I am an extrovert.

14 ♥ my favorite color is pink.

15 ♥ my ultimate dream is to have my own animal shelter.

16 ♥ my favorite Disney princess is Ariel aka The Little Mermaid.

17 ♥ I work for a healthcare insurance in the behavioral department.

… to be continuted


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